Living as woman in coastal area?


Due to human interruptions on earth, the climate is changing day by day. What I mean is human interruption is because of overpopulation we humans are cutting down trees and the earth is getting warmer and warmer for that reason the sea level is rising day by day.

For that reason, the people who live in the coastal area will suffer more from the sea level rising than people who live in cities. And as our topic is about women and their vulnerability so I should talk about women. The women who live near the coastal areas don’t have knowledge about sea level rise and also during this situation of coronavirus pandemic the women of coastal are at very risk because they don’t have the idea about what is covid-19 is and that is why this is very risky to them. Also, the women who lived in the coastal area don’t have enough money to get higher education and when any kind of disaster comes they don’t have the ability to go and take shelter, also when they become sick or anything they don’t get enough treatment due to lack of good facility. Most of the women in the coastal area live mostly by doing agriculture or animal farming. Mostly they depend on their husbands or their male family members. But still women in the coastal area are living their lives and some of the NGOs now trying to educate the women and some of them are now succeeding in their way of life.

The situation in Covid-19:

People of the coastal area don’t know about coronavirus, most of the people there don’t use any personal protective equipment, and I have witnessed it by myself during a visit to Monpura dwip most of the people don’t wear face masks or any other protective equipment. I have asked several people about the coronavirus they replied to me that they don’t know about coronavirus. Most of the people of Monpura dwip are fishermen and women are housewives they only do household work in their home and take care of their children, and few of them do animal farming. Due to a lack of education and proper guidance, women that get early marriage and they have to manage their husbandry works.

Vulnerability of women:

As we all know women are the most vulnerable in this country. Believe me or not but those who are lived in the coastal area they are more vulnerable due to their geographical location, As we all know the coastal areas of Bangladesh are the most disastrous when it comes to climate change.

The coastal areas of Bangladesh get worst when cyclones or any kind of disastrous thing occurs. When cyclone or floods occurs women and children face vulnerability, what I mean is when a cyclone hits the surface man can easily move from one place to another but women cannot do that they get stuck to the place for that reason women of the coastal areas died more than man. Also, most elderly women get very harm when it comes to climate change. When a woman becomes pregnant she needs more nutritious food but when cyclones and floods happen there is a lack of food to feed them.

Strength of women:

So as I have told you above women are vulnerable due to climate change but in this section, I’ll tell you about the strengths of women when it comes to handling anything where man fails. In the coastal area women now changing their way of living by doing different kinds of methods like they are now doing animal farming, and some do tailoring work to support their families.

Women are more situation handlers than a man. After any disaster happens in coastal areas people become homeless and the man who lost the land becomes stressed and then they don’t know what to do in that situation but then women become the strength of the family because they know what to do when disasters happen.

Nowadays coastal areas women becoming an entrepreneur with the help of different kinds of NGO programs. Some companies teach the coastal women how to handle the situation when climate change happens they also help them by giving recourses like Sewing machines or Cows to get milk and sell them to people by doing this the women of coastal areas are getting the savor of their family.

Giving rights to women:

Well, I have said in above that the coastal areas women are nowadays learning different things that can help them to achieve the desired goals of their lives. The best part about the coastal area women is they are now coping with the situation. Now women have the right to say what is right and what is wrong they have the ability to take part in the decision-making process. If people want to prosper in life we should give women the same amount of rights as men.