Journalism is an “ADVENTURES” life


Was talking with Hasibul Hasan Shanto, a multimedia journalist who is passionate about his job and was telling how he got into journalism and his experiences during work.

How I got into journalism, well from my early age I had an interest in journalism from that I got admitted in University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh’s Media Studies and Journalism.

When I was in second year I had worked in several media houses like Barta24, Ittefaq and now I’m working at Business Insider Bangladesh a business news platform.

“Journalism is an adventurous life where you work on different kinds of topics everyday and meet different kinds of people everyday, unlike other jobs where you sit on a chair and do the same kind of work every single day.”

Talking about mobile journalism,listen I’ll tell you a story that happened to me during a report in the Ministry of Planning where I had to go with only a mobile phone. When I got into that place and saw every reporter came with their big havey cameras and I’m only with my mobile phone.

When I put the mobile phone into a gimbal everyone seemed to be laughing at me. It was an embarrassing moment for me.